Project website for JISC funded ePCoP


ePCoP is a JISC funded project has developed out of  the ePPSME project at the University of Wolverhampton led by Alison Felce.

ePCoP aims to:

  1. develop and foster a community of practice for e-portfolio pedagogies for work-based  and life-long learning through a synthesis of existing practice focusing on identifying the key principles from that practice that can be applied elsewhere;
  2. enliven the synthesis through interactive and multi-media summaries to map a learner journey though the  initiative identified;
  3. ensure transferability of the initiative to e-portfolio software beyond that used in the original innovations;
  4. make use of the JISC Infokit facility to house the outputs from the project and link with their relevant work on e-portfolios and business and community engagement;
  5. create a critical mass to sustain the community of practice beyond the project completion date.

and has project partners that include:

University of Gloucestershire – Martin Jenkins (Co-GenT)

University of Central Lancashire – Beverly Leeds (TELSTAR)

University of Bradford – Ibrar Butt (WELL)

Pebble Learning Ltd – Shane Sutherland

Centre for Recording Achievement – Rob Ward

The Development Manager Ltd – Derrin Kent

Full description of aims and outcomes: Aims & Outcomes

Workplan: ePCoP Timetable


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